Brandon Adams Wins $50,000 High Roller Poker Masters

Sep 19, 2017

The fourth event of the Poker Masters series continued the trend of reducing the participant number. In the beginning, the field was reduced by 1-2 players. However, the last high roller collected 20% fewer participants - 39 registrations and $1.95 million in prize money.

More than 20 players took part in all 4 tournaments, but only 5 of them managed to get into prizes more than once. Adrian Mateos and Bryn Kenney had earned two payments. Jake Schindler and Doug Polk joined them yesterday, and the payment of Steffen Sontheimer became the third in this series.

Although Sontheimer and Schindler got in prizes, they were very far from victory, being out right after the bubble. Doug Polk got to the heads-up against Brandon Adams, where he had a good chance of a final victory. Of course, Polk did not mind dueling with Tom Dwan to prove that he is one of the most outstanding heads-up players of our time. However, his stack lacked a million chips (2.9 million against 1.9 million) to beat his rival. Several uncertain hands and a cooler in the last hand cost him the first place.

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Poker Masters - Event # 4:

  1. Brandon Adams - $819,000
  2. Doug Polk - $468,000
  3. David Peters - $ 273,000
  4. Justin Bonomo - $ 175,500
  5. Steffen Sontheimer - $ 117,000
  6. Jake Schindler - $ 97,500

At the moment, the main contender for the victory in the series is Steffen Sontheimer (he has $1,221,000 on his account), followed by Bryn Kenny ($1,085,000) and Nick Schulman ($918,000). Nevertheless, the chances of a final victory are kept by all participants.

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