Join Beta Testing and Get the Earliest Experience

Jun 09, 2017

Ultima Poker is a brand-new poker room being ready to launch. We are starting soon and offer everyone to take part in our Beta Testing. Your feedback will help shape and improve Ultima Poker before it is launched to the public. Help us provide better experience and enjoy your reward. Everyone can participate and contribute to the development of our project simply by playing our poker games.

 How to Get Reward for Your Attentiveness?

  • Apply for Ultima Poker Beta testing.
  • Report us on bugs you’ve noticed.
  • Get free tournament tickets to win rewards.

Ultima Poker beta testing will be held in August, so do not lose the opportunity to become a part of this challenging and joyful occasion. Play poker and be attentive enough to notice something goes wrong. In such case just drop us a line and we will fix the specified bugs with all possible despatch. In turn, you will not only pitch in our project, but also receive a reward in the form of free tournament tickets. They will give you the chance to compete with opponents and win the pot at no expense. We look for players from all sorts of backgrounds, so there's no "techie" experience required. Become our first player and enjoy exciting poker games for free benefitting from it!