Martin Kozlov Wins the SHRPO Main Event

Aug 17, 2017

The Australian pro wins the marathon finals increasing his bankroll by $754,000.

The final table of the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open with a buy-in of $5,250 stretched for 13 hours, during which the players were managed to play 246 hands.

Within 4 days of the game, the number of players reduced from 887 to 9. Among them, there were Martin Kozlov, Matt Berkey, and Aaron Mermelstein. The last one had been in the lead before the final day started. The stretched structure was beneficial for mid-stack players who adhered to the tight style, while leaders, trying to exploit large stacks, were regularly losing chips.

Unexpectedly, Mermelstein took the 6th place, while Yi Li, who started the day with the second stack, appeared to be the 4th. Matt Berkey was keeping his positions for 182 hands, but lost a big pot to Kozlov and had to survive with 20 bb. A short stack was enough to sit out Yi Li. However, Matt Berkey ended up on the third place.

Having made an impressive breakthrough from the middle of the chip account, Martin Kozlov and Dylan Drazen passed into the heads up. Being more experienced Kozlov had the advantage (109 bb against 68 bb) and won several first hands. Drazen managed to return the intrigue for a while, winning 50 bb in one hand, but after two hands the tournament ended in favour of Kozlov (King of Hearts, King of Clubs > Jack of Hearts, Eight of Diamonds).

The Final Table Results of the SHRPO Main Event


Martin Kozlov



Dylan Drazen



Matt Berkey



Yi Li



Michael Aron



Aaron Mermelstein



Adam Levy



Luke Brereton



Joe Kuether


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