Negreanu Again Offers Bets on Tournaments With His Participation

Sep 08, 2017

This time Daniel shoots with the Poker Masters Series members. However, unlike the wager before the WSOP, Negreanu is only willing to keep a book with the other tournament participants.

Starting next week, the Poker Master Series will consist of three tournaments - two High Rollers with a buy-in of $50,000 and a Super High Roller with a buy-in of $100,000. In cheaper tournaments, players will be able to make one re-entry, and the Super High Roller will be held in freezeout format, that is without repeated registrations. The online channel PokerGO will broadcast all tournaments with a half-hour delay, and the player who wins the most prize money will receive a lilac jacket.

Negreanu Offers to Bet Exactly on This Jacket

According to his next post on Twitter, 19 people have already responded to his appeal, including Doug Polk, Ben Tollerene, Fedor Holz, Adrian Mateos, and others.

The player who wins the most money by the results of the three tournaments will receive the so-called lilac jacket. Negreanu offers rates of 1 to 1 for an amount of 50 thousand dollars to everyone who wants to take a bet. The winner will be the player who wins the lilac jacket. If both players lose, then the bet will be cancelled. Phil Hellmuth, whom Daniel suggested becoming the 20th in the list, did not agree to such conditions, having offered his own version of the bet. According to his offer, if he wins $4 million, Negreanu must double it, and if he loses, he must pay Negreanu $200,000.

The start of the first tournament is scheduled for September 13, and September 20 will determine the first owner of a lilac jacket.

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