Steffen Sontheimer is Frown at Hellmuth’s Game

Oct 04, 2017

Steffen Sontheimer is Frown at Hellmuth’s Game

The best player of the Poker Masters series Steffen "RunGo0seRun" Sontheimer came to visit Joe Ingram’s podcast and told there a lot of interesting things. What does the German player think about Phil Hellmuth’s game, who is the record holder for the number of WSOP bracelets and who has been playing poker at the world level for many years.

A huge drama took place on Twitter, in which Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth participated. In short, the professional said that neither he nor Hellmuth are pulling the level of the game that young guys from Germany show. Almost all of them are Fedor Holz friends or acquaintances. Moreover, he predicted that one of them would become a "breakthrough of the year". It was about Steffen Sontheimer who subsequently won the champion’s purple jacket of the Poker Masters series.

The other day, Steffen peeked into Ingram’s podcast, where told a lot of interesting things. The part about Hellmuth is especially hooking. Steffen tells that he really likes Phil. As for playing Hold'em, it's very difficult to find good words about his game with 10BB stack, 20BB, 40BB and so on. Also, Steffen mentioned the term "white magic" concerning Hellmuth’s talking in response to a big bet and then folding the best hand. Sontheimer agrees that Phil has some results, and they speak for themselves, no one doubted it. But again, he is ready to play with him again and again, and again, and again.

As many commentators correctly noted, this dispute can be solved only at the gaming table which will happen in December this year.

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