The Most Negative Player of Poker Masters Series

Sep 20, 2017

The most negative player of poker masters series
Sep 20, 2017

The elite high roller Poker Masters series with the participation of many poker gurus has almost come to an end. Despite the fact that guys still have to play the finals in the final tournament for $100,000, we can definitely say who has become the most negative player of the series.

Poor Ben Tollerene

As they say, only the first place is important in the tournament. Even runner-ups are forgotten in the blink of an eye much less those who are in the role of tournament donators. It cannot go unnoticed that a professional PLO player, Ben Tollerene, became the most negative player of the Poker Masters series. His ROI, along with a few other colleagues, is -100%. Within the series, he spent $450,000 and never got into prizes, although he had a good chance of “getting own back” in the final tournament for $100,000, where he had a decent stack. There are also a few other famous names that will go home:

  • Sean Winter;
  • Isaac Haxton;
  • Stephen Chidwick;
  • Scott Seaver;
  • Rainer Kempe.

In general, it is a usual practice to see these names among finalists, but this time each of these professionals had put up more than $300,000 and did not receive a cent. By the way, Fedor Holz leads Poker Masters final table. He is surrounded by a few more players from Germany, and one of them was blessed for a lucky year by Holz.

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