The Most Popular Online Tournament in Offline Format Ended in Rozvadov

Sep 06, 2017

More than €800 million in prize money has been awarded within 11 years of the Sunday Million. Even now, when online poker is going through hard times, the prize fund of the tournament covers a guaranteed €1 million. Nevertheless, the executive management is taking steps to modernize the event by spending a cheaper SM option, and this very live tournament.

The starting days of the Sunday Million Live were held both online and offline, and gathered 5045 players. Only 512 participants were able to pass the first stage to meet in the King's Casino in Rozvadov.

The offline part stretched for 2 days. On the game day one, the field was reduced to 27 players. The chip count was headed by the Russian Andrei Kurdyukov. Andrei also managed to play well on the decisive day, but began to slip at the final table getting the 5th place (€39 680). The remaining four players divided the money according to ICM leaving an additional €10,000 for the champion.

Phillip Salewski had the lead at the time of the deal and easily took the first place, writing his name in history as the first winner of Sunday Million Live.

Payouts in the Top 4:

  1. €111,674 — Philipp Salewski
  2. €92,011 — Dominik Kabas
  3. €81,093 — Jozef Komorny
  4. €76,522 — Karel Kovarik