The Movie About the WSOP Finalist

Sep 07, 2017

The film about the finalist of the WSOP 2017 Main Event is going to be shot. The 64-year-old Briton John Hesp won the hearts of spectators and became the most discussed character of the best tournament of the year.

The Second Youth

An epatage gramps, who has never played poker professionally, inspired many viewers of the World Series of Poker. His style of clothing, carelessness and jokes at the game table became the highlight of the broadcasts, and now the story of the former realtor will be implemented in a movie.

Being interviewed by a local newspaper, Hesp tells that when he was in Vegas, he was contacted by two or three producers, some even from Hollywood, but he wants to work with someone from the UK. The draft agreement has already been drawn up and Hesp’s lawyers are finalizing it.

The biography budget is estimated at several million pounds. The shoots will be held mostly in Las Vegas and partially in Brighton.

Before his fateful winning of $2,600,000 for the fourth place in the WSOP Main Event, John Hesp has never played tournaments with buy-ins exceeding ten pounds. The gray beard came to the City of Lights with a friend in order to purposefully play one tournament.

Today a small remembrance stands in the casino, where John Hesp used to play. A namesake chair in honour of the local hero reminds visitors about his unexpected success.

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