Ultima Poker Beta Testing Coming to Its End

Oct 20, 2017

Ultima Poker poker room beta testing

Ultima Poker is about to launch. After several months of preparations, we are on the threshold of the release. Ultima Poker Beta Testing has been running for approximately 3 months, so there is not much time left. Do not lose your last chance to participate and get tournament tickets!

Online poker beta testing intends to be helpful not only for developers but for players as well. Get gaming experience, report bugs and benefit from it. The more attentive you are, the more profitable prizes you get. Ultima Poker room Beta Testing allows you to become involved in the development process as well as to get free tournament tickets. Do not hesitate to send a request, fill in the application form and contribute to the exciting project with a focus on results. We strive for ensuring engrossing gameplay along with highly proficient service and invite you to join!

How to Join Beta Testing

To take part in online poker beta testing download our software and install it on your device. Having your client authorized, you will receive nominal funds to start playing. Enjoy games, notice bugs and do not forget to report them. The most active testers will get up to $200 in the form of tournament tickets.

Be attentive, make suggestions for improvement and gain poker tournament tickets. Online poker beta testing is your chance to play poker for free, enjoying the process and obtaining the opportunity to get involved in the tourneys at no charge. Hurry up for playing Ultima Poker games within the scope of the final stage of Beta Testing!